Drug Test Friend Review

Drug Test Friend Review

Drug Test Friend Review

Have you smoked pot or have taken any drugs for the past few days? In addition, the other question that I will ask you is do you know the secrets of how to pass a drug test? Drug test is what everyone will never want to here about especially if it is a test that involves getting a job or just a sudden random drug test check. Do you know the secrets that some of the tricks your friends have used to evade their drug test from turning positive so that they could secure that job? Well I know you do not have a single idea about the different secrets that people are using to evade drug tests. Some are using drugs while others are using chemicals to turn their urine drug test negative. Do you know what you are supposed to look at to drug test? To pass a drug test, there are some of the things that you need to look at.

Before I go further, let me introduce you to what I am going to talk about. I am going to tell you the secret of passing any drug test within 24 hours or 2 days. These secrets are well explained at the Drug Test Friend official website where you will be shown everything that I will not be able to show you on this review that you are reading. It is actually a program that if you master it very well, you will never be disappointed with every drug tests that will be put before you as an interview. I do not want to fill you with al lot of words that you might get exhausted before you start reading the real stuff, although what I am telling you is equally of great importance to you.

Does Drug Test Friend Work?

The following are a few of the ways that have been taught to many people on how to drug test in Drug Test Friend. I am going to show you each and every way of getting a negative result from a drug test that will not raise any doubts. These highly kept secret ways are divided into two;
  • Verified methods and
  • Unverified methods

Verified methods are those methods that have been proofed and verified that, indeed they work and can produce the desired results although, not 100% perfect. While unverified are methods that, yes they work but they cannot be relied upon as they do not produce the required results but what they do is that, they prolong the time of the outcome of the results. Unverified methods can not be relied upon as they do not provide the interviewer with immediate result and this might make him/her wait longer to get the needed results.

Verified Home Methods

The following are some of the methods that are being used to pass a drug test:

Drink a Lot of Water

Water is life. Water neutralizes everything. Some people call it flushing method as it removes most chemicals from the body in the form of urine and sweat. It is believed that the first stream of the urine that you pee is highly concentrated with chemicals and so, if you want to cheat on the urine test, then, collects the last stream of the urine as it contains less metabolite.

Urinalysis as it is commonly know, involves testing for different concentrations of many drugs and so taking a lot of water can help hide or lower the concentration.

Try Taking Some Aspirin Tablets

It has been observed that when 2-4 aspirin is consumed on or about six hours to the time of the test, will leave its traces in the urine thus altering everything that is being tested. The four (4) aspirin is believed to temper with EMIT.

The biggest disadvantage of using aspirin is that you might not know when the drug test might be carried out and so if you depend on it you might be in a place where the aspirin is not available.

Is Drug Test Friend a Scam?

Take Midol/Diuretics

This are used to enhance the flow of urine. You can also take coffee or cranberry juice, which serve the same purpose as Midol, which are readily available.

The only problem with Midol is that to avoid its traces in the urine, it has to be taken in plenty. This can be very costly yet.

Take Multivitamin (B-Complex)

Take about 100ml of multivitamin two hours to the test. Multivitamin B2 or B12 complex helps bring the yellowish color in the urine especially after you have taken a lot of water. This can help prevent the suspicions among the laboratory technicians

Although it has worked for many people, the same involves money to get the multivitamin drugs. So you might not be ready with the money by the time you are just ambushed that that you need some urine drug tests done on you.

Watch Your Time

Make sure that you have at least peed twice or thrice before the urine drug test is performed on you. This will help reduce the amount of chemicals that will be found in your urine.

This will never be a good idea as you won’t know when.

Unverified Home Methods

As I had said earlier, this are ways/remedies that can not be relied on. They include the following;
  • Some have mixed their urine with a small crystal of soap detergent.
  • Others took small quantities of zinc.
  • And lastly others tried vitamin B3

How To Pass A Drug Test

You can easily pass a drug test or a urine test very easily if you will follow the Drug Test Friend program well. The Drug Test Friend program teaches you a secret formula to pass any drug test and it has really helped many people. Some have gotten the job that they could not have gotten. But, by virtue of the Drug Test Friend they passed all tests that they underwent.